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Alpha Bomb


IPA • 6.6% alc./vol.

Alpha bomb is a hazy, aromatic IPA that focuses on the intense flavours and aromas provided by our selected hop strains.  Every aspect of the methods used to create this brew is designed to showcase the beauty of hops.

Key Descriptors: Tropical, Citrus, Stonefruit



Radler • 2.9% alc./vol.

Bongo Radler is a juicy, quaffable drink with 50-50 Grapefruit soda and blonde ale.  We reduce our hop IBUs and flavour below the perception threshold to highlight a big grapefruit flavour.  All-natural and 2.9% ABV, this is the perfect warm-weather patio beer.

Key Descriptors: Grapefruit, fresh & vibrant

Canadian Amber


Amber • 5.2% alc./vol.

A balanced amber ale, designed to highlight the sweet and toasty richness of caramel malts while remaining clean and sessionable.  Featuring local Cascade hops grown a stone’s throw from the brewery in Pontiac, QC, they bring a clean earthy bitterness and a subtle citrus character.

Key Descriptors: Malted Caramel, Citrus, Clean



Lagered Ale • 5.0% alc./vol.

Deep gold in colour and sparkling clear.  Aromas of crackers, toasted bread crust and fresh-cut grass. Clean flavour of pale malt, reminiscent of water crackers, finishing with a clean and crisp noble hop flavour, its slightly grassy with a mild green herbal character.   Dry and clean with a mild and lingering bitterness.

Key Descriptors: Clean, floral & malty

Midnight Kissed My Cow


Milk Stout • 5.8% alc./vol.

Midnight Kissed my Cow is a wonderfully rich, creamy, and chocolatey milk stout.  Loaded with lactose to give a high residual sugar and extra body, and balanced with copious amounts of roasted and chocolate malts, this stout comes through at a silky smooth 5.8%.

Key Descriptors: Chocolate, Creamy & Decadent

Premium Pilsner


Pilsner • 5.2% alc./vol.

A new world take on an old-world classic that is decidedly light and refreshing.  Brewed in the finest traditions and using only premium ingredients, this golden lager always hits the spot.

Key Descriptors: Clean, crisp & refreshing

Release the Hounds


Black IPA • 6.2% alc./vol.

A multiple gold medal winner. Unfiltered, dry-hopped and layered with roasted malts, this Black IPA blends big hoppy flavours with complex mocha notes.

Key Descriptors: Citrus, Pine & Roast



American Pale Ale • 5.6% alc./vol.

A brash and hazy APA that uses choice new-world hops and featuring, highlighting Galaxy and Citra.  The result is a heavenly and harmonious blend of tropical and citrus aromas and flavours. It’s hop forward with underlying malt sweetness to create balance and drinkability.

Key Descriptors: Hoppy, tropical, citrus